Creating product using three-dimentional curved surface based on 3D CAD and algorythm.
This was realized using our experience for 40 years in the metal working technology.

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Expert in the field of sheet metal and metal processing technology.

Our Expertise

Producing Your Image

We, at Hiramiya form your image into shape. Start by telling us your concept during our detailed discussions. We will then propose a sketch, a mock-up followed by a trial product. Necessary modifications will be made repeatedly to enhance perfection.

One-Stop Service

After obtaining your order, Hiramiya will complete the entire process. No drawing is necessary. We are able to produce directly from 3D model data. As the programmer works in close distance, it enhances the speed and perfection to help bring out your ideal image.

Uniting Old & New Technology

New technology using digitalization improved the possibility of metal working rapidly. Hiramiya masters high technology promptly. We have faced various challenges, such as making full use of the algorithm theory. But these achievements have been made applying the experience and technology cultivated in our 40 years history.We continue to take pride in our craftsmanship.

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