Carbon-dioxide-laser processing machine

The laser cutting machine which enables delicate cutting are also used in manufacturing signboards, emblems and art work.
Various machines we have are able to cut different materials to meet your request. For example, for stainless steel, we can cut in the range of 0.1 to 12mm.

Carbon-dioxide-laser processing machine Trumpf (Germany) L2530 1set
Shirring Amada 3.2t×2000 1set
Tapping BROTHER BAT-501/BT1-205 2sets
Tapping KIRA KRT-10 1set
High-speed cutter New Daiwa A light cutter 1set


Press brake

It may look like a simple job but bending is a challenging task.
For stainless steel, we have the flexibility to cut in the range of 0.1 to 12.0 mm.
From thick metal materials and pipes to meticulous tasks, we meet your demand.

Press brake Trumpf (Germany) V1300;130ton×3M 1set
Press brake Amada FBDⅢNT-50t×1.2M 1set
Press brake Amada RG-50t×1.2M 1set
Micro press Yoshimitsu machine 20ton 1set
Foot press Terasawa machine 1set


Spot welder

Welding needs to be used properly depending on its purpose and material.
We take pride in our craftsman skills who carry out the job using various welding machines, such as carbon dioxide, electric-welder, spot welder etc.

Electric-welding machine National ARC-250 1set
Argon gas welding machine (aluminum welding available) National TigStar300/Ws200 1set each
Spot welder (aluminum welding available) Origin 5A-S 1set
Spot welder National YR-22 1set
Spot welder National YR150SRF 1set
Spot welder DAIHEN SU-20 1set
Stud welding machine (aluminum welding available) NIHON FLASH FS600S 1set
Carbon dioxide welding machine National AA200/MINI180 1set each
Gas welding Acetylene / Oxygen



We are able to manufacture directly using 3D model data, making paper drawing unnecessary. This enables the customer to cut cost and time using our system. In addition, the customer is able to entrust the entire process to Hiramiya. Another advantage is to be directly connected to the production room where you can confirm your image at first hand.

3D CAD McNeel North America Rhinoceros McNeel 1set
3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Solid Works Premium2010 2sets
3D CAD SheetWorks SheetWorks 1set
3D/2D CAD/CAM Metamation Meta CAM V-Seven 1set
2D CAD AMADA AP-100 2sets
2D CAD Eye tail Sheetpartner 1set



From basics to state of the art, we have the appropriate equipment to be used in processing sheet metal in various amounts. Whether it is a trial production or producing large amounts, we will do it.
This concept along with our skilled craftsman support the core business at Hiramiya.

YAG laser marking Trumpf (Germany) VMc5 1set
Set press Amada SP-15t;NC 1set
Drill press Hitachi B-13-SH 2sets
Belt grinder Hitachi BG-100 2sets
High-spin BROTHER BR1-103S 1set
Lathe Ando machine AKS-45DGM2 1set
Forklift Mitsubishi 2.0ton 1unit
Jib crane Manufactured by ourself 1.0ton 1unit
Vacuum lift Fukoku M-6 1unit