Interior Design


Undertaking the entire process from designing, manufacturing to creation. This is Hiramiya’s expertise.
The client is able to entrust the entire process with us. With the integration of the production process, the image will be directly reflected more effectively.

3D CAD design makes full use of Levit and Faro when there is no drawing. We then add the image and concept. We are also able to create product using surface data of Rhinoceros etc.

Thorough meetings will be held with the client and designer.

Thorough meetings with our clients will be held to understand the image.
We begin by understanding the client’s desire and thoughts to reflect it in the design.

An algorithmic design using solid data to create surface data

イグアナアイ青山3DモデリングデータIn the case of Aoyama Iguana Eye: After the image and necessary concept in the interior sketch base are confirmed, we begin the work of 3D data.
An external programmer uses 3D CAD software “Rhinoceros” to make surface data, then to create a model.
It is followed by creating solid data by our staff.

Process from manufacturing to construction

パネル同士を接合するリブ部分の曲げ加工In the case of Aoyama Iguana Eye: Final adjustments are made for the interior plan to begin manufacturing.
We input data into the machine and complete each part accurately.
We confirm by temporary assemblying the project, then taking it apart for surface coating.
It is completed by construction on site.